Thank you so much for your interest in the BADASS Hybrid Mastermind.

This program, if you’re admitted, will change your business and your life beyond words.

I like to know where you are, your goals and your area of expertise before you get admitted. I would hate for you to end up in a group where you can't benefit from the other members.

The BADASS Mastermind will help you believe in yourself beyond doubt in only 90 days. This is our guarantee.

With the BADASS Hybrid Mastermind:

1. You will build the absolute confidence you need in order to act when you are "not ready" and you will happily move outside of society's rules and boxes. 

2. You will have the highest level of constructive accountability. With my hybrid model, me as your coach, will help make sure your projects are completed on time. I will be there to answer questions you have — and I help you overcome the inevitable hurdles that will crop up.

3. You will benefit from the collective intelligence and synergy from the group. 

4. You will be pushed & challenged — perhaps more than you ever have before. This Mastermind is not for you if you aren't willing to put in serious work. 

My current Mastermind students have seen some incredible results.

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  • Badass Mindset

    “Badass mindset coaching has been the best investment in my business and myself. The small investment of time and money is already getting big results for me. What are you waiting for?”

Their results are incredible — yours might be different.

The success rate of THIS program is EXTREMELY high because of our commitment to take uncomfortable ACTION.

We’re going to be working closely together.

I’m going to become your mentor, your guide, and your coach and my SOLE PURPOSE is to call out the powerful person and business owner in you. 

If you decide invest in this mastermind program you become part of my BADASS community and I with all my heart refuse to allow you to play at a level that is anything less than extraordinary!

We are looking for:

1. We are looking for women who are willing to help other businesses grow.

2. We are looking for givers — women who are willing to share what’s working in their business and life so we can all grow

3. Female entrepreneurs who believe they should be wealthy, successful women — and who will use that money to make a positive impact and change lives.

We are NOT looking for:

1. Slackers who aren’t committed to leaping in and saying, "yes!" — you must be willing to take a bet on yourself.

2. Complainers. You must be ready to implement suggested strategies for your success.

3. People who are not willing to put in the work...There’s no secret. It’s just a lot of proven business strategies, implemented well

You will feel like a super hero — powerful and confident BADASS woman — running a business that is blossoming beyond anything you could have imagined.

If you would like to be considered to be a student in this BADASS Mastermind Experience, let's have a quick conversation

With love,

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