Learning to be grateful

Learning to be grateful

How long has it been since you stopped to look at the flower that grows in your garden?

How long has it been since you are thankful for having it there?

For helping increase the oxygen level in the planet?

For brighten your garden with a little bit of colour?

How long has it been since you looked at were grateful for what you have, instead of complaining for all that you don’t have? 

We have a tendency to complaint, complaint, and complaint of things that do not exi…

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Give Fear a Suck it Sandwich!

Today I want you to implement the famous phrase from Jen Sincero’s book “You are a badass” – Give Fear a Suck it Sandwich. But before we do that, let’s understand what fear is, how does it work and what you need to do to move passed it.

What is fear?

Is the feeling of being afraid of the unknown. You can be afraid of something that scares you like an animal, but you can also experience of change and the unknown if life

So why is that we are fearful of the unknown if life?

Well, I believe tha…

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