What is Private Lending (CANADA)?

Hi my beautiful badasses!! I hope you are having a good week. 

.....Today I want to talk to you about my first exposure to a non-common investment practice, Private Lending....

When you hear people talk about real estate, they mostly talk about buying, holding, and selling; but it is very rear the person that talks about, or has knowledge on, private lending. So today, I'm going to give you a small summary of what it is and how it works.

For today’s blog post I will be referencing a white pap…

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Piggy bank – Learning to pay yourself first

How long has it been since you used a piggy bank to save money ?

I know it sounds silly but I think it is a great start to start putting money away. Specially if you are not used to it.

I want to clarify that a piggy bank can be anything, you can actually get one or maybe build your own. I mean there are some great idea on Pinterest if you are feeling very creative and copy something someone has done. 

Lets look at some simple steps:

First step

Get an awesome piggy bank/ build your own


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Financially Independent at 27yrs old! An Interview with Money Honey Rachel

Rachel Richards: Best-selling author. Former financial advisor. Real estate investor. Business owner. Finance guru. Professional speaker.


  • Money Honey: A simple 7-Step Guide for Getting your Financial $hit Together
  • Passive Income, Aggressive Retirement

Hi beautiful, welcome to today’s blog post! 

Today I am super excited to introduce to you a huge BADAAS woman who I admire very much and who I am sure we can all learn from: Rachel Richards !  

She is one of my favourite young auth…

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To have or not to have ... PATIENCE


An important skill to be developed. I’m about to get real with you, not BS, just the truth. 

This blog post is directed strictly to me, it is like a small intervention for some thoughts I've been having. But I hope it benefits you as well. 

Patience is one of those things that I do not have, or I have very little of it....

I’m the kind of person who wishes everything happened when I want to, not when is suppose to happen.

If things start not going as I planned - in my head, I get v…

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Today, I choose to be happy

Have you ever felt like with everything you do nothing makes you happy?

I believe happiness is a choice and today, I choose to be happy.

Today I decide to not let any situation define my estate of mind.

I choose to not let life make me sad or upset.

I will take any situation and I will learn from it. 

The sad part of our reality is that sometimes we feel like we don’t have a choice.

That life is just shitty, and we can’t change our current reality

but that is not true!

We pretend like we…

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DO NOT Focus on the HOW… Focus on the WHAT.

Today I was reading a very interesting post by the (husband of Rachel Hollis).

NOTE: Rachael Hollis - author and speaker

That said something along the lines of – we should not focus on the HOW we are going to get there but on the WHAT.

I have to be honest with you. I've been guilty of this attitude before.

I’ve talked myself out of doing something multiple times because I get so caught up on the


This question only brings more questions into my life and…

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