Build a safe career they said …


Most people get this wrong, including me.


Build a safe career they said …


Go to school... Get a degree…

Become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, accountant…

Add letters to the back of your name - PEng, PMP, CPA, etc...


The more schooling, the more letters, the more money you will make and the more wonderful and happy your life will be!


Really tho? 


Was that a lie?


What no-one tells you is that by doing that, you are only adding:

  • - stress,
  • - time away from your family,
  • - unhappiness, and
  • - un-fulfillment ..

Living through glass sealing salaries, paying tons of taxes, wishing the weekend started as soon as Monday hits and waiting for your vacation time.


So, you start questioning yourself...


Can there be something else? Is this life? Is this what being an adult is? What happens to the dreams I had when I was a kid?

  • Yes there something else
  • You don't have to give away your dreams
  • You can live a life of fulfilment
  • Your life is not over
  • You are not too old to start


After starting my business, I can tell you that the smile you see on my face if 100% real. You can achieve anything you desire.


The power is within you - You can be HAPPY -


My hope is that I can help you experience the SAME level of happiness by creating your own business and building your own dream



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