5 simple ways to bring a positive VIBE into your DAY


Let's talk about 5 things that you can do during the day that will bring a positive Vibe to your day. Im also all about POSITIVE VIBES ONLY so let's begin. 

1 – Do something for a stranger:

Have you ever had a change to buy a coffee for the next person in line, what about buying food for a homeless person on the street. This one of the best ways to give to the world without expecting anything in return. This little gesture comes from the heart and I can tell you it will light it up as well. 

2 – Exercise or Move for al least 30min today:

You might think that because you are so busy, 30 min are not easy to get. But you really have to find something, MAKE time. Have you had an opportunity to practice yoga at home? Its a great way to do your practice and optimize your time. What about going out for a walk around your neighbourhood? Have your tried deleting social media to increase your productivity instead of being glued to your phone? I can guarantee you that the more you move your body the more energy you will have. I can tell you from experience, as I was once a couch potato. I would go to work, go back home and lay on the couch for hours watching Netflix or my phone. Because I was in a lazy mood it seems like everything was harder to do, I was that much more tired all the time. When I decided to change my habbits and exercise for 30 min everyday, my mood and my energy changed completely. 

3 – Give a compliment to 3 or more people at work:

Compliment 3 or more people at work with the simplest thing. From I like your sweater, to I love wht you did with your hair today, to you did a great job in that presentation the other day. Boosting someone else with a compliment will make them happier and it will affect you in the same way. It will make them smile and it will make you feel good about yourself. 

4 – Smile to almost ever person you come across with: 

If you are not used to smile all the time, it will be a little bit of a challenge. However, I really want to invite you to try it. Noticed how when you smile, the other person will immediately change the frown face to a smile. You might encounter a random person here and there that will look at you with a very estranged out face but that should not stop you from making someone else smile and to brighten their day. 

5 – Choose to have no expectation of your day:

By dropping all expectations, we are allowing ourselves to live in the moment. To stop worrying about things that have not happened yet. For being grateful for what we have. It forces us to stop worrying about things that have not yet happened or that are out of our control. Just leave it to the universe that the best thing for you will happen. If its seem negative at the moment, you might notice later that it actually brought some positive things to your life. You will accept any challenge as an opportunity. In addition, by removing expectations or your day you should also remove expectations of the people you meet that day or that are in your life. You will stop expecting them to act a certain way and you will not get upset for them not performing, as you want them too.  

Try every single way and let me know how the vibe of your day changes. You should feel more positive and with a lot more energy to continue the bumpy road we call life. 

Until next time my lovely girlfriends. 

Ursula Keith


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