5 easy steps to tackle overwhelm


Have you ever heard the phrase - Do not eat the elephant all at once?

Today we will talk about something that is very common for most people.

  • We try to do everything at once.
  • We try to tackle ALL the work at the same time.

I’m definitely guilty of these LOL!! Must of the time I have to slow down myself because obviously I cannot tackle everything all at once.

So today I will talk about 5 steps to take to control this feeling of overwhelm because we feel we don’t have time to do it all. The idea also relates to the not being patient with ourselves. Which makes us feel uncomfortable and brings out our anxiety as well. 

Step 1

  • set the problem down. WHAT IS IT THAT I NEED TO ACCOMPLISH? 

Step 2

  • Write the problem in a piece of paper - and then below it goes one step back. What do I need to do to accomplish this task? And then continue with the next step, what do you need to accomplish this next step? And so on. 

When you finish you will notice that you’ve broken the problem into little steps

Step 3

  • Repeat step 1+2 with all the different things you need to get done. 

Step 4

  • Now let’s figure out which of all the projects has a higher priority? Which one has a closer deadline, which one will require the most amount of time? 

Step 5 

  • Schedule a time frame where you will only work in one task. Now look at step 1 and start tackling the little tasks that you broke your big task into and start from the beginning. 
  • Now after choosing that problem, then use your time to tackle the first item on the list of things to get done to make that task go away


This is a very simple method to get yourself in gear to accomplish all your things that need to be done.

Sometimes we are so focused on the amount of work that causes us to – PROCRASTINATE- Its like this evil (Self) that talks us out of getting something done. If you start breaking your tasks into little chunks and you stop trying to eat a big F****** Elephant, you will notice that the anxiety that comes with procrastination and stress will go away. It will make you feel like the task is more obtainable.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you a change to implement this method. 

You got this!! There is no other person more qualified that yourself to tackle everything that is present in your life. 

Don’t give up. Don’t procrastinate and be awesome

With you Love - Ursula Keith


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