How to set up a Questrade FREE trading account?


So if you are just as new to investing, you should probably use a trial account before you open your own money account. Today I will guide you  through opening a free account through Questrade. This account is available for 90 days and it gives you $500,000 CAD and $500,000 US dollars. Remember that this is all virtual, so it is risk free. This allows you to invest in all north American markets. 

Lets follow the instruction below:

Click on the following link

Enter you information, and you will receive an email

The email should look like this and it will give your username and password. Click on the login button and enter to you account.

Follow the quick introductions

Now enter to your account. I would suggest you click on don’t show this message again as we already know that we are on a trial account. 

Voilà, you have created your first trial account.

Let's start practicing with our million dollars. I will be posting more about in the following days. Let me know if you are interested in anything in specific and I will make sure to talk about it! Till next time my boss bitches ! 


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