Piggy bank – Learning to pay yourself first


How long has it been since you used a piggy bank to save money ?

I know it sounds silly but I think it is a great start to start putting money away. Specially if you are not used to it.

I want to clarify that a piggy bank can be anything, you can actually get one or maybe build your own. I mean there are some great idea on Pinterest if you are feeling very creative and copy something someone has done. 

Lets look at some simple steps:

First step

Get an awesome piggy bank/ build your own

Put $20 cash into it every month. Try to put it without thinking about it. So before you spend it on anything else just throw it in there. This will introduce you to the concept of paying yourself first. You will notice that you will automatically adjust your spending now that the money is “gone” off your spending hands. 

Repeat this step:

until you cannot put any more “food” into that little guy. You will be surprised but saving 20 dollars a month for 12 months can get you $240 extra dollars you were not counting on. 

you can add $20, $50, $100 dollar bills.

I would expect that some of you might ask...

Do I really need to do it with cash? I never carry cash around, I know I feel you but here is my answer…. Yes, I find that if you were just to move 20 dollars off you Checking account to your Saving its not as exciting and because it can be done as automatically it losses the purpose of showing you what it is to put money away.

I want you to understand the action and the meaning behind it. The sense of accomplishment when you get to break it and see all the money that you saved, it will feel like something else!! 


I think it is a great way of to start generating that habit of saving money and knowing that not having it there is not going to kill you. 

So what I want you to do  - is to get a “fat” piggy or build your own and start saving today by adding $20 dollars to it. Also, don’t stop at $20 dollars, you can add spare change and more money if you want. I will only benefit you at the end. Save those 2 dollars from your Starbucks every morning or cook at home instead of eating out all the time. 

This next time my beautiful badasses 

Ursula Keith



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