To have or not to have ... PATIENCE



An important skill to be developed. I’m about to get real with you, not BS, just the truth. 

This blog post is directed strictly to me, it is like a small intervention for some thoughts I've been having. But I hope it benefits you as well. 

Patience is one of those things that I do not have, or I have very little of it....

I’m the kind of person who wishes everything happened when I want to, not when is suppose to happen.

If things start not going as I planned - in my head, I get very frustrated and it causes me to want to drop off everything. I get so upset that even when only 1 thing is not working, I feel like everything else that I am doing is a waste of time as well. 

Because things obviously "don’t" happen when I want them, I get very frustrated and I assume I’m not doing anything in my power to make them work. Which is not true, but things just need TIME!

You need to allow yourself time to become successful


I must learn to be patient.

Your actions bring a reaction from the universe but not right away.

Patience is one of the things that if you want to succeed in life, you must wait for the reaction of your actions to take place. Success doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to work hard, you need to be consistent. Show up when you don’t want to show up. 

As an example, do you think professional athletes want to show up to practice every single day and train as hard as they do. Probably not, but to be successful you need to do what others are not doing, be patient and trust in the process. You will be rewarded for showing up. 

If your business is not going as you wanted to, do five up. Don’t let that dream fade away. Show up again and again and again and be patient. Let time do its magic. The only thing that matters is that you are putting in the work. 

Let me hold that believe for you now, even if your reality is reflecting something differently. 

Thanks for reading my post today. I hope you can benefit from my story and understand that we all go through these doubtful thoughts. But the reality is that we must take them, accept them and move on. You are amazing. 

Let’s build our patience together. 

From your friend - Ursula Keith


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