Today, I choose to be happy


Have you ever felt like with everything you do nothing makes you happy?

I believe happiness is a choice and today, I choose to be happy.

Today I decide to not let any situation define my estate of mind.

I choose to not let life make me sad or upset.

I will take any situation and I will learn from it. 

The sad part of our reality is that sometimes we feel like we don’t have a choice.

That life is just shitty, and we can’t change our current reality

but that is not true!

We pretend like we have no control, we see ourselves as unhappy because we blame our current reality

We continue to complain about life and we ignore the fact that happiness is our responsibility and our choice. 

The moment we change our mind and we take responsibility for how we think, how we act, how we feel.

We start having positive thoughts it's when things start getting better in life


  • It's easier to be down and be the victim of our situations.
  • It’s easier to feel depressed than trying to get the energy to change your mood.
  • It's easier to be sad because then you have all the excuses in your mind and for the world of why your life is so shitty. 


Start finding reasons to be happy today by seeing the things you have and not what you currently don’t have.

It becomes a life choice and a habit. You choose to NOT be a victim of your thoughts. Not even a victim of life.

You stop being a victim of your own brain.

Let’s say you had a shitty day today, so let's gather your negative thoughts and throw them out of the window. 

Go to the mirror, look at yourself and say

“I am a warrior nothing can stop me. I will lean from this situation and I will make the best best out of it. Today I choose to be happy. Today I choose to accept myself. Today I choose to take control of my life" Smile wash your face and try again. Strut out of that washroom and take over that situation again. You got this! 

Leave me a comment if you decided to change your life and decided to be happy.

Life is too short to be sad and to be unhappy.

We never know what life is going to throw at us so might as well receive it with a smile. 

I swear to a greater infinite power (God, universe, or whatever you believe in) that when you choose to be happy, your life will change.

Happiness is our choice and I want you to be you must awesome self and receive it with lots and lots of LOVE 

Your friend. Ursula Keith


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