Give Fear a Suck it Sandwich!


Today I want you to implement the famous phrase from Jen Sincero’s book “You are a badass” – Give Fear a Suck it Sandwich. But before we do that, let’s understand what fear is, how does it work and what you need to do to move passed it.

What is fear?

Is the feeling of being afraid of the unknown. You can be afraid of something that scares you like an animal, but you can also experience of change and the unknown if life

So why is that we are fearful of the unknown if life?

Well, I believe that the most common fact is because you don’t know what is coming into your life. And if you are experiencing a change in life, you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. We are sometimes so used to doing thing in the same way that changing or moving can be difficult

As I mentioned in my post …. We usually let out mind decide for is and as we know, the mind will most likely continue or go to the easy route because that is the way our brain works. It’s believed that our brain used to this to protect us. Of course, this when we were living in caves and finding another plate to leave, or hunt could be very difficult, so out brain used to tell us to stay where we were because we were safe. 

But what happens now that we don’t live in a cave?

Well we really don’t have to protect ourselves from some strange animal coming out of nowhere and killing us. You must likely could find another home if you were to move cities. So, therefore we most fight our mind to get out of our comfort zone and grow. 

 I mean, it should easy right? You don’t like your job – quit, you are not happy in your relationship – move on. Don’t like your neighbourhood – move! 

If it was only that easy …...

I mean why is t that when we want to make a drastic change out mind just doesn’t shut up. 

Maybe at the beginning of the decision it might be excited, but I know about you but for me after a while my mind tends to try to convince me otherwise. Or it will find all the excuses in the world for you to stop thinking is a good idea. 

  • Maybe your job is not that bad
  • Maybe your boyfriend is not that bad, he will change
  • Maybe my neighbours will get tired of playing music all night. They will be reasonable 

Arghhh! Isn’t this annoying? I know, trust me. I’ve dealing with a little fear recently. I won’t go into the details but there’s a little something I want to do that causes me to have a lot of insecurities. Like

- what if I’m not good,

- maybe your situation is not that bad, maybe it will get better.

The reality though is that if I want to grow as a person, I must make this change and I know this will begin something awesome to my life. 

Story short is that I want you to “Shove your mind a suck it sandwich” as Jen Sincero would say. Let these negative thoughts pass by. Then focus on the positive energy, focus on what the change causes in your body to fee. A great woman in my life once said “if it comes your way, you can do it”

So, I want you to stop doubting yourself and act on your dream that you’ve been holding on. Change, move, and do whatever is necessary for you to continue to grow. A leap of faith will only bring goof things to your life. 

Keep growing, don’t stay stagnant. Don’t stay were you are. If you are unhappy, move on. It might hurt at the beginning and you might feel like you are alone on this, but you have yourself. 

With love, your friend, Ursula Keith


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