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Ursula is a full-time Mindset Coach and motivational speaker with over 10+ years of experience in taking BADASS action. She was born in Mexico City and moved to Canada at the age of 18, by herself. After graduating as an engineer, getting her P.ENG certification and accomplishing multiple corporate achievements, she decided to switch careers 180 degs and followed her passion of helping others believe in themselves.

Everyone has an internal BADASS SuperHero!

Ursula is a self made entrepreneur, who has proven with her own self experience that the most important part of personal and professional growth is overcoming mind obstacles.

The mind can be the one asset that can make you or break you! 

She coaches individuals who believe their potential is limitless, but need support moving past negative self doubt and mindset blocks in order to take BADASS action to live a BADASS life. Greatness is an internal game; you can’t build outer empires without inner ones. 

She is the founder and creator of the BADASS ATM Alignment method. This stands for aligned Action at the right Time with the correct Mindset = being a BADASS!

Ursula’s coaching is for people who are ready to take action in following their dreams, but feel very connected to one or more of the following: 

  • I have fear of failure, I am not good enough, I am not as lucky as other people, I don’t think I have what it takes, etc... 

She is not your average mindset coach, she has acquired her experience from constant perseverance and determination supported by own experiences, books, yoga, mediation, self development and constant practice in own self growth journey. 

She walks the walk and talks the talk. 

If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your next self development event or want 1-1 coaching to start taking BADASS action on things you thought were impossible, please contact her at or IG @yourbadassmindsetcoach. 

"Darling: you are a goddess, a BADASS and you've totally got this" 💋

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