Who am I?

I’m Ursula Keith, your BADASS mindset coach! 

Founder and creator of the BADASS ATM* Alignment method.

*ATM stands for aligned Action at the right Time with the correct Mindset = BADASS Action!!

My purpose ...

Is to powerfully serve independent business women who are ready to unlock their full potential by helping them transition into the next level of a BADASS life.


I wouldn’t call myself your average mindset coach, my experience and my methods make me the expert you need to take BADASS action for a BADASS life. I walk my walk and talk my talk, TRUST me! 


My services are most effective for women who are ready to take BADASS ACTION but feel connected to one or more of the following:

  • You are an independent woman who owns her life but questions her real self worth?
  • Are you a huge procrastinator? 
  • Are you looking to accomplish a goal but are scared that you won't be successful?
  • Do you usually wait until "something" is perfect before you start?
  • Are you a "ALL or NOTHING" type of woman?
  • Are you scared of failure?
  • Are you scared of being wrong?
  • Do you let other people's opinions of you define you?
  • Are you someone who "OVERTHINKS" everything before making a decision?
  • Are you feeling "stuck" but don't know why ?
  • Want more joy, fulfillment, and love ?
  • Want to unlock a higher level of meaning and purpose ?
  • Do you want to increase your spiritual connection? 

When to hire a BADASS mindset COACH ?

Teaming up with a mindset COACH, like myself, allows you to accomplish dreams you thought were impossible to achieve. 

Greatness is an internal game and we can accomplish it together!

     The synergy that occurs as a result of our relationship will change       your life. I will be that accountability and guidance that you were       looking for. 

     My clients often tell me, “I only wish I’d hired you sooner!”


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Badass Mindset

“Before working with Ursula I felt lost and was looking for a purpose to bring value and joy back into my life.
I needed a ‘reset’ to get back on the path that I had wandered so far away from. I read hundreds (really) of self help books but I was still feeling stuck and unsure of the direction I needed to go until… I made one of the best decisions of my life…I DECIDED TO INVEST IN MYSELF and started working with Ursula.
Ursula has helped me discover that my purpose is not a fixed point, but the journey along the path of a lifetime.
Her guidance has challenged me to look beyond the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from showing up to the world as my best self.
Her uplifting, positive and fun personality always leaves me feeling energized and driven to reach beyond what I thought was possible.
Ursula is an incredibly talented, naturally insightful coach who has both inspired and motivated me to unapologetically live my life in congruence with my values and passions.
In 6 months she has changed my perspective from sitting on my ass and watching my life happen to me to igniting my inner BADASS and taking control of my life again”


Badass Mindset

“This program has helped me accept myself, value myself, but above all it has helped me love myself BEYOND WORDS . I am a very successful person; however, I had forgotten a lot about myself and I believe that BADASS mindset has changed my life!! I LOVE you Ursula Keith for changing my life !! ”


Badass Mindset

“I originally signed up with Ursula to find a little support and guidance amidst fighting the stagnant routine of building a career. After little time it was very clear that my fears were holding me back. I never thought I would ever get them under control, nor take a single step towards improving the situation. With Ursula’s support and guidance, I am doing the unthinkable and I am on the road to becoming the woman I was meant to be!!”

Civil Engineer

Badass Mindset

“Hi everyone! I want to personally thank Ursula very, very, very much for her support and excellent coaching. I have and I continue seeing great results. After a rough time, I finally landed a great job and I am growing my business on the side. She has helped me open my eyes to a new life experience, I highly recommend working with her.”


Badass Mindset

“I've been very eager and excited the last year about personal growth and development. I knew I had my foundation laid out with self-discipline and meeting my own personal goals, however working with Ursula, I found new and deeper ways to further my self love and development. She helped me reach new levels and depths! Thank you for helping me identify new ways to better myself even more!!”


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A little bit about me...

I’ve always been an action oriented person - moved to Canada by myself from Mexico at 18yrs old. Moved again 8 times within Canada to continue to accomplish my dreams for school and work. I experienced lots of accomplishments but they brought lots of empty successes ...

I pushed myself so hard to strive for perfection that caused me to develop an eating disorder, lack of self worth, perfectionism and bad relationships.

I didn't realize I was accomplishing my goals with mindless action and not with an aligned mindset. I had two options, I could either continue taking mindless action that was not bringing me results or I could align my action to the correct mindset and the right time to take BADASS Action to change my life.


TODAY, will you ...

continue to take mindless action through self doubt bringing you no results, or will you take BADASS ACTION to blow your mind?